Wound Care After PlasticRing Method


Day 1 & 2: No Shower/Bath. Cover the wound with cotton gauze covered with Vaseline. Change the gauze every nappy/diaper change (toilet use in the case of older boys).
48 hours after the circumcision, the patient can start to have baths/showers. After the bath/shower, you can apply Vaseline (without the gauze) ONLY if the wound still looks as if it may stick to the nappy/diaper/underwear.


  • Most boys experience NO pain after the procedure.
  • If a boy experiences pain it usually occurs in the first 24 hours after the procedure and around the time when the ring starts to separate.  This pain should not affect their ability to sleep, feed, or urinate.  Most infants (up to 3 months) are settled with rocking and cuddling.
  • For babies older than 1 month you can give Panadol (or other pain reliever as prescribed by Dr. Hajoona) as needed.
  • You can also apply Xylocaine Jelly every 4 hours if needed for pain relief.  Dr. Hajoona will show you how this is done.
  • Big boys can feel a bit uncomfortable the first time they urinate, but this discomfort does not last long and they will soon feel fine.
  • Sometimes boys get a bit cautious and avoid activities that might cause pain (e.g. running). Don’t push your boy. As he gets more used to the feeling of the procedure he will become more active. Let Dr. Hajoona know if your boy can NOT urinate or can NOT move because of the pain. This is abnormal.
  • If you see blood coming out from inside the ring, apply pressure to the top and bottom of the penis behind the Plastibell ring.  Hold pressure for 5 minutes.  If  the bleeding does not stop, please seek immediate medical attention.

Normal Wound Healing:

  • During the healing process it is normal to see a shiny white or yellow film on parts of the wound.  This film is part of the healing process and cannot be easily wiped off.  It is different from pus, which is a sign of infection.  Pus can be easily wiped off and usually has a very foul odour.
  • Other signs of infection include increasing redness, pain, or swelling, developing a fever, trouble urinating, or loss of appetite.  Immediately seek medical attention if these signs occur.
  • The Plastibell normally falls off on 3-8 days (10-14 in the case of older bosy).  If it has not started to fall off in 8 days (10 days in the case of older boys), then please call Dr. Hajoona on his mobile.
  • The wound is normally fully healed in 2-3 weeks.

Please make an appointment to see Dr. Hajoona 2-3 weeks after your child is circumcised for an examination of the surgical wound.