Circumcision: PlasticRing Method

Circumcision with the PlasticRing Method

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) regarding Plastibell Method.
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We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help
you answer some of the more common ones.

When does the Plastibell normal fall off?

In 3-8 days for infants, or 10-14 days for older boys.

When is the wound normally fully healed?

2-3 weeks after procedure.

When can the boy start to shower/take a bath?

48 hours after the procedure. Before that, it is better to keep the area dry and covered with the gauze and vaseline.

Can we expect bleeding?

It is normal to see a small amount of blood on the cotton gauze or nappy/underwear for the first 24 hours.
If you see blood coming out from inside the ring, apply pressure to the top and bottom of the penis behind the Plastibell ring. Hold pressure for 5 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, continue holding pressure and seek immediate medical attention.

Why is there a white/yellow film on parts of the wound?

During the healing process it is normal to see a shiny white or yellow film on parts of the wound. This film is part of the healing process and cannot be easily wiped off. It is different from pus, which is a sign of infection. Pus can be easily wiped off and usually has a very foul odor. Other signs of infection include increasing redness, pain, and swelling, developing a fever, trouble urinating, or loss of appetite. Seek medical attention immediately if these signs occur.

What about swelling?

Swelling is normal in the first few days after the procedure.
There is also a bit of swelling a few days before the ring falls off.

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